48 Things to Like about Hana

28 11 2010

As I get ready to leave Hana, just have to share a list of my favorite things. When I am really ready to settle down and retire, this just might be the spot. There is much to love in Heavenly Hana.
1. Warm and friendly people
2. Rolling hills in hundreds of shades of green
3. Shopping for “anything I want” at Hasegawa’s General Store
4. Beauty of Hana Bay
5. No highrise buildings
6. The little wave people give when you let them go first across the one-way bridges
7. Wild white and yellow ginger growing along the highway
8. Fresh, clean water and air
9. Ice cream sodas at Tutu’s
10. A billion stars on clear nights
11. Koa shell lei at Hana Treasures
12. Contented cows on the hills
13. Warm and friendly people
14. Hana’s Wacky Relay Race
15. Birds chirping each morning
16. Hana coffee
17. No Starbucks
18. “I Survived the Road to Hana” T-shirts
19. Town shuts down at 10 p.m.
20. Shave ice from the Sweet Shop
21. Hana Film Festival
22. No traffic lights within a 40 mile radius
23. Running into the rich and famous at Hotel Hana Maui’s Paniolo Bar
24. Salads and lattes at Hana Fresh at the Health Center
25. People really love their dogs
26. Youth Soccer Games
27. Joey at the Post Office
28. Warm and friendly people
29. Hike to Fagan’s Cross
30. Weekend breakfast at Hana Ranch Restaurant
31. Bird of Paradise in people’s front yards
32. Aloha Festival each year
33. Learning what’s happening from the community bulletin boards
34. Banana Bread
35. Courteous drivers
36. Spa treatments at Honua Spa and Wellness Center
37. Warm Summer nights
38. Plate lunch at Uncle Bill’s
39. Warm and friendly people
40. Seven Sacred Pools
41. Aqua-aerobics in the Eternity Pool: for free
42. Dana at Hana Ranch Store (sweetest store clerk you’ll ever run into)
43. Fresh papaya from Ono Farms
44. Thai food in Nanakuli
45. Rain, rain, rain … but always warm rain
46. Charles Lindbergh’s grave in Kipahulu
47. A stay on a special occasion at the Sea Ranch Cottages at Hotel Hana Maui
48. Did I mention the warm and friendly people?




One response

29 11 2010

Great list! Keep on your adventure! You have many rooting for you and enjoying the journey.

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