Paia: Place 1b of 48 Places

23 11 2010

Here’s a surprise: Hana turned out to be a little too remote for me. While it is beautiful here, Hana is all about family. If you are not part of an ‘ohana, it is not easy to make friends and “fit in.” There is literally nothing to do here. I also made the mistake of taking a part-time night audit position: I couldn’t get the rest I need and wound up trying to sleep … not very successfully … during the precious daylight hours. Because it is too cold for my thin blood to return to California during the winter months, I’ve decided to move to Paia on Maui’s North Shore. Paia is a funky, laid back town with lots of restaurants, art galleries, Mana Health Foods Store, churches, beaches and wanna be hippies (I may have to get some patoulli oil). It is also close to my friends and closer to Maui’s commercial and government centers: Kahului and Wailuku. Now seeing a movie, going to a concert at the MACC, buying staples, doing my laundry and getting prescriptions filled can be done without the 100 mile round trip from Hana to “town.” Everytime I make the trip, The Beatles’ “Long and Winding Road” keeps playing in my head. The road to Hana is the ultimate long and winding road. The 50 miles from Kahului to Hana takes at least an hour and a half … sometimes two, if you are unlucky enough to get behind a tourist (jerk) who won’t pull over to let you pass. So, Hana’s just not for me … right now. In a few years, when I’m ready to settle down, own Porsche or a private plane, and have a husband (my Italian Prince or Mexican Ranchero), I just might return to Heavenly Hana. Until then, it’s back to civilization for me. Before I leave, I will do one more blog post: “48 Things to Like about Hana.” First I need to get out and take some photos of my favorite places. I’ll get to that right after I pack some more boxes. Paia: here I come!




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23 11 2010

Welcome to Paia, that is where I found my home and am happy to be there. The best is the beach is only 5 minutes away and Mana only 3! And the airport is also close by!
I would love to have a tea with you at the Green Banana in the new Year when I return home,

23 11 2010
Linell Mathre

Well, one down and 47 more to go! I consider this a success because your objective was to really find out what a place was like, wasn’t it? God bless your new venture in Paia! and Happy Thanksgiving! Love to you.

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