Have iPad, Will Travel … to 48 Places

28 08 2010

Welcome to the first blog post using the Word Press app on my iPad. I’m thrilled to now have the capability to post “on the fly.” This will be so useful as I move through the 48 Places. I can hardly believe it has been over a month since my last post. But this has been a month chock full of all the details of moving: garage sale, cleaning both the old place in Haiku and the new one in Hana, packing, unpacking, saying my good byes and learning about my new home. On top of that, I applied for various jobs and just accepted a relief night auditor position at the Hotel Hana-Maui. Guess it’s no surprise that doing my blog took a back seat. Now that things are getting back to normal (whatever normal means), I can begin to appreciate this beautiful town called Hana. No wonder it is referred to as “Heavenly Hana.” I’ve dreamt of living here since my first visit in 1978. Can’t tell you how happy I am to be living the dream. It truly one of the most lovely places on planet Earth. One of the things I am learning is that keeping to my schedule of living in four locations each year for 12 years will not be easy to stick to. I already know I won’t want to leave here after only three months. One of my friends is convinced that I’m going to meet the man of my dreams and never leave. If I ever do abandon my 48 Places plan, Hana would be the perfect place to fail. I can imagine being happy here for a very long time … with or without the man.




3 responses

28 08 2010
Tommmy of Hana

Welcome to Hana! And welcome to the hotel. I heard Danny found someone for the night auditor position. Will be meeting you soon, I’m sure.

29 08 2010

Just keep on doing what you’re doing – constantly being open to the new and discovering new people and joyful situations. Rooting for you as you continue your journey. Your journey makes us all examine our own…All the best!

29 08 2010

Hey Sandy! Aloha no! Fantastic journey you have going. I leave tonight for Tunisia- my fantastic journey! Keep the posts coming!
a hui hou a hiki i ka la a`e,


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