High (Moving) Anxiety … less after 48 Places

13 07 2010

It happens every time. Once I know I’m moving, by choice or not, I go into panic mode. What if I don’t find a place in time? Will I get a place I really love or will I have to settle for the best I can find? How will I ever get everything boxed up and ready to move? Will I remember to do the bazillion things involved in a move? Who will I get to help me? What if I don’t like the new place? On and on, ad nauseum.

I don’t sleep. I over eat. My thoughts keep racing. I’m a mess … until I find the new place, make the deposit and commit to the move. Then the stress melts away. Then I’m a bundle of energy. The joy of decorating a new place, the hope of new friendships, the expectation of new experiences, all propel me forward. My mood turns like magic from despair to excitement. Everything starts “clicking.” I’m happy as a clam.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone through this scenario over the years. Once I actually know where I’m going to move, my natural talent for logistics and organization kick into high gear. The delight in streamlining my life and clearing out the clutter replaces the angst of uncertainty. After all, I’m a pro at this moving bit. I’ve done it enough times already. I love feeling on top of things. And once I’m packed and ready to go, I love knowing exactly what I have and where everything is. There is a certain element of control over my life. Do things go wrong? Do precious family heirlooms break? Do I forget something important? Sure.

What I love about the 48 Places plan is that, as I progress on my journey, the period of stress will be less each time. Each transition to each new place with become easier and easier. The high (moving) anxiety will give way sooner to a sense of freedom and spontaneity: I am becoming “a feather on the breath of God.”




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