Decision Time … 48 to Leave … 48 to Take

27 06 2010

As I prepare for my move to Hana (#1 on Next 48 Places), I must choose which of my possessions to take and what to leave behind. This is not new: each time I move … 67 times now and counting … I feel lighter and more organized. It is good to sift through boxes, drawers and bookcases, deciding what is important to me and what is merely “stuff.” Below are two lists: “48 to Leave” and “48 to Take.” Naturally some decisions will be easier than others.

The hardest part will be finding a new home for my two cats, Cocoa and Divinity, plus my Betta fish, Mr. Bojangles. My cats have been the joy of my life for 11 and 8 years, respectively. I love them dearly but it is because I love them that I must leave them behind. The trauma of an airplane flight to the mainland would do more harm than adjusting to a new owner. Some friends have expressed an interest in Divinity (the beautiful white imp with blue eyes); just need to appeal to them to take Cocoa (aging brown tabby with diabetes)  … plus Mr. Bojangles. I’m sure it’s selfish of me but I keep thinking of the advantages of not being a cat woman: no more scratches, no litter box to clean, no food to buy, no vet bills. But I will miss them terribly. I just hope there are more pets to love in the homes where I’ll be living. Since living near Makawao, I realized I haven’t spent enough time around horses. A friend says she envisions me on a hacienda in South America … with the tall, dark and handsome man of my dreams, I hope.

The easiest to give up will be my car. Not only is it a menace to the environment from burning oil, but it is a hazard waiting to happen. I never know when I get in if it will bring me back home. It has more than served its purpose. I bought it from a friend for $500 two years ago, thinking that I would be lucky if it lasted me for a year … driving it just on the weekends to run errands. It has exceeded my expectations: I drive it all over Upcountry Maui and into Kahului all the time. If it is still running when I move to Hana, I will drive it (slowly) over the infamous “Road to Hana.” Who knows, maybe I can resell it for $500 when I move to San Francisco (#2 on Next 48 Places).

So here are my lists. Hard to believe I have acquired so much junk, as my father used to call it. It will feel good to choose the things I really need and love and to shed the excessive excess. “Nothing succeeds like excess.” Oscar Wilde

48 to LEAVE

1. Books (diet and other self-help books, art books, etc., etc.)
2. Clothes (those I don’t wear or that don’t fit)
3. Shoes and handbags (old and falling apart)
4. Jewelry (costume, duplicates in color and style)
5. Jewelry and ring boxes
6. Framed watercolors and lithographs
7. TV
8. TV stand
9. Computer desk
10. Answering machine
11. Double bed
12. VCR
13. Space heater
14. Vacuum
15. DVD cases
16. Old phones
17. Dresser
18. Large wood deck table 
19. Sofa
20. Chair
21. Bookcases
22. Kitchen table and chairs
23. Extra folding chairs
24. Bamboo room divider
25. Rattan window shades
26. Ironing board
27. Iron
28. Water purifier
29. Cleaning supplies
30. Old diaries and papers
31. Bird feeders
32. Excess pots and pans
33. Microwave
34. Toaster
35. Toaster oven
36. Electric can opener
37. Excess dishes and glasses
38. Comforter and bedspreads
39. Throw pillows
40. Excess sheets and pillowcases
41. Plants: indoor and outdoor
42. Pots and containers 
43. Emergency hurricane supplies 
44. Pet food and supplies
45. Mr. Bojangles
46. Divinity
47. Cocoa  
48. Car                         

48 to TAKE
1. Books (spiritual reading, travel guides)          
2. Clothes (those I love and/or travel well)       
3. Shoes and handbags (ditto)                              
4. Jewelry (the pieces I love)                               
5. Koa jewelry box, bowl, platter              
6. Small, unframed art                                           
7. Camera and equipment                                      
8. Camcorder                                           
9. Laptop                                                          
10. Computer speakers                              
11. Surround-sound system                 
12. Blu-Ray disc player                                        
13. iPod and MP3 player                                      
14. Noise-cancelling headphones               
15. DVD’s                                                                
16. iPhone4                                                            
17.  Printer                                  
18. Postage scale                                                    
19. Software discs and computer supplies          
20. Airbed and down pillow
21. Sheets, pillowcases, Mom’s Afghans
22. Wind chimes and temple bells                                                
23. Light catchers (My favorite: dichroic glass mobile)
24. Blender (My parent’s old sturdy Osterizer)
25. Popcorn air-popper
26.  Dishes and cups  (2 place settings)
27. Coffee cups
28. Coffee grinder
29. Hot Shot
30. Glass coffee bean jars
31. Jars for tea bags
32. One pot, one pan                                                  
33. Silverware                                                            
34. Spices and teas                                                     
35. Vases                                                                     
36. Lamp                                                                      
37. Candles and glass holders                                   
38. Family photos and mementoes                          
39. Rocking chair from babyhood                             
40. Prescriptions and OTC drugs                            
41. Toiletries                                                                
42. Towels                                                                   
43. Snorkel and fins                                                    
44. Luggage                                                                  
45. Plastic storage tubs                                               
46. Antique end table                                                  
47. Yoga mat                                                                 
48. Eyeglasses: 3 pairs

Friends can call “dibs” now on the stuff I’ll be selling.




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