Been There, Done That … Prior 48 Places

15 06 2010

Today I added a page with a list of 48 Places where I have lived or visited. Seems I was a Vagabond Wahine before I even knew it. In some instances, I should say, “Been there, wish I hadn’t done that.” While I’m waiting to get launched on the 48 Places plan, thought it would be fun to talk about all the places I have lived and loved. Because my Dad’s work took us to Virginia, Canada and Michigan every year, from my 2nd through 6th grades, I got the “travel bug” early. Each year, my Mom would pack up all our necessary belongings into our Plymouth station wagon and small trailer, and Dad would plot our cross-country drive. In July, we would leave California and take the northern route through Colorado, over the Great Plains, stop in Chillicothe, Missouri to visit my mother’s family, then on the east coast to Harrisonburg, Virginia. While we lived in Virginia, we got to take weekend trips to New York, Niagara Falls and the beautiful caverns and Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Our small family was always ready to take a vacation. In late summer, we would pack up everything again and head north to Ontario Canada. We lived near St. Catherines in Port deLucie (which I cannot find on any maps now). I learned to swim in Lake Ontario. Then in the fall, we moved to Benton Harbor, Michigan … just in time for the cold, snowy winters. We sometimes rented a cabin or apartment from the House of David near Benton Township. The next January, Mom would begin packing again and Dad would map our return trip to California … choosing the southern route to avoid as much bad weather as possible. I’m sure that these 1950s cross-country trips were the origin of my wanderlust. As I traveled through the states in my own private space at the back of our station wagon, I dreamt of a time when I would return to all the beautiful locations we passed through. Now that I will have the next 12 years ahead of me to revisit some of my Prior 48 Places and add the new 48 Places, I will be the epitome of the “Been there, done that” expression.




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