The Plan … living in other people’s homes

5 06 2010

Because I am not independently wealthy, the only way I can afford to live in my 48 Places is by living in other people’s homes. I will relinquish my apartment, sell or give away most of my possessions and take to the road. My idea is to box up everything and send my “necessities” to each new location. I will select places with public transportation … plus I’ll do a lot more walking … so there won’t be costs involved in owning a car. I will trim my expenses to only the basics: putting a roof over my head and food on the table, a mobile Internet connection and cell phone, money for local transportation and admission fees to museums and attractions, a few small mementoes from each new location. By keeping my needs and wants to a minimum, I’ll live a simple life in the 48 Places.
I believe that even in the most expensive resort locations, there are people who work in hotels, shops and restaurants living in low-rent neighborhoods. I hope to find a room with one English-speaking person in each place by networking: friends of friends, utilizing Facebook and Twitter contacts.  I also plan to contact the HR managers with the better-known hotels and eateries in my next location, getting leads on people who may have a room to rent. “Just folks” will become my peeps.
Yes, it means giving up my privacy and some of my independence. But I will be gaining a world full of experiences. I can’t have it both ways: I cannot both stay in my comfortable home and live out my 48 Places dream. I’ve made my choice: it’s the vagabonding life for me.
In my next blog post I will explore which things I will need to leave behind and which things I’ll want to take with me as I begin living in other people’s homes




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