Why Hana … and when?

30 05 2010

Since my first visit in 1978, I have wanted to live in Hana. “Heavenly Hana,” as it is known, is one of the most beautiful, inspirational places on earth. Stunning coastlines, with mountains and valleys in a thousand shades of green, the scent of white ginger and sea breezes, plus the friendliest people in Hawaii, make this area a natural for my #1 spot on my 48 Places list. Since I am already living on Maui … and it may be several years before I return … I can’t pass up the opportunity to make my dream of living there a reality. To my mind, it is the perfect place to implement my 48 Places plan. Over the next two months or so, I will be divesting myself of all the possessions that have defined my life over the past decade in Hawaii. As I begin my 48 Places journey, a three-month sojourn in Hana, beginning in August, will give me the time and space to prepare mentally and physically for the rest of my adventure.  So … of all the awesome places on this planet, which one would you select for the #1 spot on your own 48 Places list?




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30 05 2010

Inspirational! I send you blessings on every part of your journey. What you divest in “things” will be made up for in new people, experiences and memories. You are setting the path for others to follow.

30 05 2010
Ron Arnold

What a wonderful goal, Sandra. I know you’ll be going as an Ambassador for the King wherever you go. My first? Maybe Jerusalem and then to the uttermost parts. Blessings to you! Pastor Ron

4 06 2010
Jo Ann Fukao

Hi Sandra!
Ooooh, how adventurous of you! I love traveling but can’t go as often as I’d like so I’ll do so through your blogs.
Our Lord has opened up the doors for you to experience his creation in all its glory with people,food, language, customs…everything. And to stay in each place for a few months affords you a world that goes way beyond the experience of a tourist. With your warm smile and love for Jesus, you’ll be a light anywhere.
What places did you have on your list? How many international locales?
May Jesus grant you travel mercies!
Jo Ann 🙂

5 07 2010
Gail DeLeon

In the end, we cannot take our “stuff” with us anyway when we leave our spot on earth. By deciding to donate, give, leave “stuff” as you proceed on your marvelous journey, you are applying the power of choice. Our “stuff” makes us feel comfortable and secure but there’s always the polarity. The “stuff” can weigh us down, tie us to the past, consumes our attention because we need to take care of it. Have you noticed the number of storage businesses that populate the city? Do we own our things/stuff or does it own us? That’s why I see your journey as so free, so rare, so bold – but I know if anyone can do it, you can and will!

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